Major 1 birefind after release fom prisonTo everyone reading this right now, I greet you in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My wife and I are extremely happy to talk to you right now.

I know you missed me and I also missed you. That is why I thought of taking a moment to talk to you just for few minutes.

The entire purpose of this address is to thank everybody who stood in solidarity with me and my wife in the past 5 weeks that we experienced situations after situations, starting with organized protests, to demands that I leave the country for which I am a permanent resident, to demands that the Pretoria branch be closed, my wife being poisoned to within an inch of her life, all the way to our incarceration.

Your prayers strengthened us and we also prayed for you so that God grants you continued energy to keep praying for us.

We thank you very much.

However, I will be failing in my address if I don’t specifically mention the following individuals and institutions.

The Office of the President of South Africa who always made sure that, through the CRL Commission, all the issues surrounding the stampede are addressed within the dictates of the law. We are happy that, through the mediation of the CRL Commission, our religious rights were protected.

The Office of the President of Malawi and the High Commissioner’s office here in South Africa who did a great job of checking up on us regularly to see if we were in good spirits and being treated in accordance with the law.

There were many political parties here in South Africa that stood with us. The ANC, through its Tshwane Region chairperson, Mr KGOSI MOEPA. The leadership of EFF. The Black First Land First (BLF), led Mr Andile Mangxitama. The South Africa Communist Party of Tshwane led by Mr Solly Thabata, just to mention but a few.

We also received immense support from different civil society organizations such as Malawi Civil Society Led Black Economic Empowerment Movement (MABLEP), the African Diaspora, the South Africa National Civic Organisation (SANCO) and many others.

I should also mention the enormous support we got from the media. Special mention should go to the SABC, ENCA, News24, Jacaranda FM, Prophetic Channel and many other media houses who were always informing people fairly and accurately.

I would be failing in my address if I don’t recognize, in a special way, the encouragement and prayers I got from my spiritual father, Prophet Uebert Angel, Prophet Beverly and the entire Good News team.

To all ECG leaders, my communications team, my legal team, my family and every member and follower out there, we say: THANK YOU very much.

And lastly, I would like to thank my wife for standing with me and our two beautiful daughters for always praying for us. I thank you.

It is my prayer that God should touch every part of your life and I have belief in my God.

I love you all,


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