In September 2017, Uebert Angel ( will be jetting out of Eastern Europe for a special Christian crusade in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria called. The event is entitled The Awakening Conference and also includes internationally renowned minister Benny Hinn, who is famed not only his preaching but healing ministry as well.

There has been a high level of hysteria and excitement across social media, that two giants of the Christian world such as Benny Hinn and Uebert Angel are teaming up for the very first time. Many are reportedly travelling from all corners of the globe to be a part of it. The event is hosted by Maksim Asenov who founded Awakening Church the venue where this landmark conference is taking place. In recent years Maksim Asenov has witnessed rapid increase in membership to his church in the Bulgarian capital.

The conference begins on Wednesday 6th September 2017 and ends on Saturday 9th September 2017, the location is Awakening Church, Sofia, Bulgaria. The event is split into evening events and interactive seminars with Uebert Angel, Benny Hinn and Maksim Asenov.

He co-founded The Good News Church in 2007 with his wife Bebe Angel and since then they have raised up and managed over 33 branches in 15 different countries. He regularly partakes in huge global crusades globally to places such a USA and India drawing crowds of up to 100,000 for some meetings.

Prophet Uebert Angel studied in Great Britain and finished two degrees from Salford University. He then became a lecturer in Britain and teaches finance. He has a passion for bringing accessible quality television to people of all walks of life and social standing.

To learn more about Uebert Angel and The Good News Church please Uebert Angel  and Uebert Angel books.

Prophet Uebert Angel, the spiritual father of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (Major1)
Prophet Uebert Angel, the spiritual father of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (Major1)