Prophet Wakisa Chizaso Walking in the Footsteps of His Spiritual Father Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Major 1

In the Bible, we learn about prophets and their sons like Elijah and Elisha. Today, for those who are aware of the prophetic revolution which is shaking Africa, particularly South African countries, the name of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (Major 1), PhD, no longer needs an introduction. Major 1 has many sons and daughters, but very little is written about some of them. This article is about one of the earliest and closest sons of Major 1: Prophet Wakisa Chizaso (aka Hon 1 Major) ( who is also doing wonders across the globe.

Prophet Wakisa Chizaso
Prophet Wakisa Chizaso

Prophet Wakisa Chizaso is originally from Nkhata Bay District (Malawi), a few kilometers from Mzuzu, the hometown of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. Prophet Wakisa Chizaso was born in a family of 5. At that time, his parents used to attend the Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP Church). Consequently, he grew up in that church. His birth and childhood had severe complications such that his parents lost hope that he would live. For instance, he was born blind and had intestines outside his body and he was bleeding about 125 milliliters daily for 15 years. His parents thought he would die any day. Henceforth, his parents named him Wakisa which in his dialect Karonga means “God have mercy.” Because of the complications Prophet Wakisa Chizaso faced early in life, his parents took him to witchdoctors and medical doctors, but no healing happened. Medical doctors were refusing to operate on him saying he may die any day. Those days, he was a teacher and active leader in the CCAP Church.


One night, the God of Mercy sent him an Angel in his dreams. The Angel of the Lord touched his head and healed him from all his diseases. In that dream, he heard a voice telling him: “you are my honorable vessel which l have called and chosen to save lost souls, heal their diseases, see what people are passing through and prophecy to them…” Immediately afterwards, he woke up from the dream, his eyes opened, and he started seeing for the first time, no more bleeding nor intestines outside his body. The words he heard in the dream and the scope of the miracles that are following him today are some of the reasons he is called Hon 1 Major.


Since he was in primary school, he was foretelling and foreseeing things which all came to pass. However, he did not know his calling till he met Prophet Shepherd Bushiri who officially led him to Jesus Christ on August 24, 2007 in Mzuzu City. Immediately, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri became his spiritual father, meaning that Prophet Wakisa Chizaso is one of the very early sons of Major 1. In his own words, Prophet Wakisa said: “Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is a man who has built my spiritual life and my prophetic ministry. l am advancing because of his mentorship on me. Without him, l could not go far since no one can make it in life without a coach”. For example, the first mansion that Prophet Wakisa had in Malawi was given to him by Major 1. Prophet Wakisa Chizaso also respects and is grateful to Senior Prophet Justice Hara, one of the best longtime sons of Major 1, for the teaching and help he gave him during the early days of his ministry.


Prophet Wakisa Chizaso was studying at Mzuzu University in Malawi when he finally understood his calling. Because of the burning calling in him to serve God, he withdrew. He later tried to earn a degree in Accountancy at Malawi College of Accountancy, but could not finish because of his busy schedule with his ministries. Because of the enlightenment he received about the Word of God and his calling, he left the Church of Central African Presbyterian, and founded the Honorable Prophet Wakisa Chizaso Ministries (HPWCM) and the Revival International Christian Center (RICC) Church. Today, he is based in Midrand, South Africa and God has been using him mightily in teaching, wisdom, revelations, detailed prophecies, instant healings, and deliverances. Many people testified that he is very sharp, accurate and microscopic in forensic prophecies. His services are filled with shocking miracles. For instance, in his ministries, dead people come back to life, incurable diseases such as HIV/AIDS and cancer have been healed, people very often get miracle money and miracle airtime on their phone. When asked how he healed those diseases, he answered that he is not the healer but God who “fills him of Higher Dimensional Spiritual Energy which heals diseases, delivers people from demons and makes people rich”. Prophet Wakisa Chizaso believes that “the Lord has anointed him to bring lost souls to Him, heal and deliver people, restore whatsoever they have lost, release what they lack, anoint them into different offices, lift their spiritual dimension and connect them to higher spiritual energy of the Holy Spirit”.


One of his favorite quotes is 1 Samuel 9: 6: “But the servant said to him, ‘Look, there is a man of God in this town. He is highly honorable. Everything that he says really happens. Now let’s go there. Perhaps he will tell us where we should go from here’.” Similarly, because of the signs and wonders which are accompanying his ministries, countless people across the globe flock to him all the time via his International Visitor Program so he ministers to them. Prophet Wakisa Chizaso has preached in 37 countries including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, USA, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Switzerland, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia, Congo, Zambia, etc. As of 2017, he has laid hands on and prayed for 7 Presidents and heads of nations one on one.

In addition to his ministries, he is a successful business person. He is a Forex Business Trader. He owns an investment company called Hon Investments and a clothing company, Retro Honorable Clothing Company. He has an Agribusiness specialized in maize (corn) farming. He also has a Supply Business, and is into Real Estates (properties) business. He is working on a channel TV called lmpact TV in Malawi. Additionally, he is the Founder of the “Healing On The Network Channel” (HON TV), an international TV channel on DSTV.


Prophet Wakisa Chizaso is happily married to Prophetess Sarah Chizaso and so far, they have one Son, Asa Shepherd Chizaso named after Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (Major 1) to thank God for giving him Major 1 as his father. Their wedding was officiated by Major 1 himself in an ECG (Enlightened Christian Gathering) Church. Together with his wife, Prophet Wakisa Chizaso runs a charitable organization called “Save the World”, which supports the less privileged such as widows, orphans, the sick and rescue missions during natural disasters.

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Prophet Wakisa Chizaso and his wife, Prophetess Sarah Chizaso during their wedding officiated by their Spiritual Father, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (Major 1).

Prophet Wakisa Chizaso and his wife, Prophetess Sarah Chizaso, during their wedding officiated by their Spiritual Father, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (Major 1).


Some of the orphans and needy that Prophet Wakisa Chizaso and his wife help through their charitable organization, “Save the World.
Some of the orphans and needy that Prophet Wakisa Chizaso and his wife help through their charitable organization, “Save the World.



Prophet Wakisa Chizaso praying
Prophet Wakisa Chizaso praying