“Thank you so much for attending the diplomatic service at Pretoria Showgrounds yesterday. It was an amazing experience ministering to you, and with you.

Thank you for the wonderful intercession and sincere prayers. We cannot change God but we can line up with his will in our prayers, that he protects us that are persecuted and suffer for his sake.

As you know, tomorrow, my son, your father, God’s Prophets, Prophet Shepherd and Mary Bushiri will appear in court tomorrow at 06:00 SOUTH AFRICAN TIME, I am encouraging all of you to be at the court before 06:00am to show your support and love for your Spiritual father, MAJOR 1 and your spiritual Mum.

I want however, to remind you that your church, the ECG Church, belongs to everyone. The church is as taught by the Prophet is an apolitical organisation where people from all walks of life converge to seek the grace of God.

It is paramount to understand that your mandate as stewards of ECG is to remain committed to winning souls, and preaching the word of God, even as you and your prophet are being persecuted.

It is NOT your duty as stewards of ECG or children of God to make political statements, to warn political players, or indulge in politics.

Remember that amongst yourselves are members of each and every political party in South Africa and beyond.

I want to ask you, as someone you love and respect, that you show up in hundreds or thousands, to pray, to offer support to your father, to praise God in this storm, but not to indulge in political statements or any sign of violence.

As a show of this unity, feel free to wear any regalia of your choice. If you are South African and you are a voter and you support ANC wear your ANC T-shirt, if you support EFF wear your EFF T-shirt, if you support DA, wear your T-shirt, if you support COPE or any other party, wear the regalia and of you support none wear whatever you deem fit. If you support Chiefs or Pirates, do the same.

As South Africans you have these rights, to support these parties. But it is not your mandate to make political statements under this anointing.

I would like to remind you once again that we will all be fasting from 00:00 CAT to 13:00 CAT.

God bless you all and please go and make your father feel your love at 6am

I love you all and God bless!”

Thousands packed outside the court 2019-2-6 Thousands packed outside the court 2019-2-6 e Thousands packed outside the court 2019-2-6 b Thousands packed outside the court 2019-2-6c