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Tanzania: President refuses private jet to UN, flies Commercial and says use the money to fix hospitals

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President of Tanzania, John Pombe Magufuli last Monday while leaving for the New York for the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly, refused go via a private jet, but Joined a commercial flight instead.

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DiasporaEngager connects the diaspora to each other and opportunities with governments, nonprofits, businesses, laboratories, international institutions, schools, and research institutions in their home country and in their country of residence in order to locate, engage, and network, acting as a centralized resource for local and international development. Human rights is one of our areas of interest.

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DiasporaEngager is also a Healthcare and Medical Opportunities Platform.

White farmers in Namibia own 70 per cent of agricultural land

As Namibia gets ready for a land conference from the 1st to the 5th of October, a report from the Namibia Land Statistics states that 70% of land is owned by Whites. The conference is set to address land policies and how the process of restitution and reclamation can be expedited.

Prophet Victor Boateng denies rift with Prophet Uebert Angel

Ghanaian Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng has issued a public statement via his Facebook page and quashed what he called “stories and speculations” suggesting that his relationship with Uebert Angel was strained after the GoodNews Church: Spirit Embassy founder embraced popular Nigerian televangelist, Chris Oyakhilome (Pastor Chris), as his spiritual father.

Uebert Angel targets one million people

The Spirit Embassy: Good News Church led by Prophet Uebert Angel says it is going to print out and distribute ‘Daily Devotionals’ targeting an ambitious one million people across the world including prisons and some non-christian areas.

Bill Gates Wants World’s Leaders to Invest in Africa’s Young People

Decades of progress in the global war against poverty could stall as population growth surges in some of the world’s poorest regions, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation warns in a new report that calls for boosting investments in health and education in Africa. The annual Goalkeepers Data Report tracks progress across the globe on […]

Africans deserve to know details of deals their leaders sign with China

China’s footprints are all over the African continent, signing deals with many countries. However, the finer details of China-Africa loans are often kept secret. There are concerns that African countries are mortgaging their natural resources as collateral for the loans. The China-Africa deals ought to be transparent, and the public has the right to scrutinise the agreements.