Supporting and Advocating for Peace to Reduce Wars Around the Globe

Engaging People, Nations and their Diaspora in Peace NOT War Processes is very important . Are you a peace specialist? Do you have any need related to peace? Can you help anyone that has a peace-related need? Do you want to invest in peace in any nation? Are you a civil rights activist? Do you have something to say about peace anywhere in the world?

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Mentoring and Tutoring Individuals and Organizations

Do you own or work at a company, or know someone or an organization that provides mentoring assistance? Do you work for a government or an international institution that wants to mentor individuals or organizations to better achieve certain goals and advance a society?

Helping Diaspora, Travelers, and Immigrants Integrate into their Environment

DiasporaEngager was created to assist immigrants and anyone to find people, organizations, and institutions that can help them solve their problems concerning: Emergency assistance, Employment assistance, Financial assistance, Food assistance, Government assistance, Housing assistance, Humanitarian assistance, Immigration assistance, Legal assistance, Medical assistance, Relocation assistance, Social assistance, Tuition assistance programs, Unemployment assistance, Utility assistance programs.

Secrets About Mentoring and Tutoring to Change Your Life and Organization

Regardless of whom you are and what you do, someone else needs your help. That help can be mentoring. Do you work at a mentoring institute or organization? Is there a mentoring vacancy at your workplace? Are you aware of any mentoring group or program? Do you want to learn how to mentor? Are you a student that needs tutoring?

Finally Find Strategies to Get Free Mentoring or Tutoring Assistance

Are you new to your job, profession, town, or country or are you trying to adjust to a challenging situation? If so, mentoring can help you know how and where to address your requests without making anyone tired of you.

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DiasporaEngager is eager to assist people and companies to find the right connections and opportunities that can enable them to solve their medical problems

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is the Same Prophet Elijah from the Old Testament in Human Flesh, Ministering with Fire and Carrying the Triple Spirit and Anointing of Elijah

Honorable Seer Wakisa Chizaso formally called Prophet Wakisa Chizaso had a terrible vision on the morning of Monday October 29, 2018 about his spiritual father, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (Major 1), as he was sleeping at Major 1’s house in South Africa. This happened 21 days after he announced to the whole world that he made […]

What Africa’s Richest Man Thinks Would Make Africa Rich

Aliko Dangote, chairman and CEO of the Dangote Group, photographed at his office in Lagos, Nigeria in July 2018. (Tom Saater for TIME) With hundreds of multi-hued cranes and stacked shipping containers, the construction site rises from the swamps east of Lagos like a Technicolor hallucination. It is Nigeria’s latest hope for transforming its stagnant […]

Answering Marketing Problems and Getting More Clients on the World’s #1 Diaspora Marketplace

DiasporaEngager is a marketing platform where local and Global Diaspora markets can be discovered. Without a proper marketing strategy, many organizations can’t survive.