Addressing Gender Inequality or Discrimination Issues at the Workplace

On DiasporaEngager, you will find opportunities to reduce discrimination. DiasporaEngager is an anti-discrimination platform. The gender and racial gaps are significant in several countries.

How to Connect with Fundraising Opportunities

DiasporaEngager provides a setting to interact and work with organizations or individuals who can give or receive funds for developmental causes. Donors and receivers will be more easily brought into contact with one another.

If you are Looking for Benchmarking Opportunities or Secrets to Accomplish Something, Discover How To Get Help

Benchmarking, one of the tools used, is the process of comparing the practices and processes of one organization to those of another in order to make strategic decisions that can advance a company.

• Do you want to learn about benchmarking or how to benchmark?
• Are you seeking fast, trust worthy, secure, and easy access to information and opportunities tailored to benchmarking in any country?

Break the Ice and Connect with Dating Services

Do you have a strong desire to date and marry someone from your native country or any other specific country, but you are unable to find someone due to a lack of connection, distance and distrust in your search?

Discover People Who May Assist You to Address a Grant, Fellowship, Scholarship, or Internship Need

Whether you are looking for someone or a grant, fellowship, scholarship or internship opportunity associated with training, international need, program, graduate research, postdoctoral fellowship, research, foundation, Fulbright, funding, or awards, you will find DiasporaEngager very useful.

The World is Coming to Sub-Saharan Africa. Where is the United States?

Sub-Saharan Africa’s foreign counterparts are forging closer partnerships with the region because they see new openings for trade and investment, as well as growing threats from terrorism, criminality, epidemics, and irregular migration. Just like China, these countries believe that Africa is increasingly important to a wide range of economic, security, and political goals.
This uptick in engagement represents a sea change in Africa’s foreign relations. While many of these countries—including China and the Gulf States—have been involved in the region for decades, the sheer number of countries and significant influx of resources have reshaped the landscape.
The United States paradoxically is stepping away from the region while the rest of the world is leaning in. This shrinking posture not only forgoes opportunities for U.S. trade and investment, it also precludes the United States from shaping outcomes in the region—and beyond.


Shepherd Bushiri Investment, SBI, is arguably one of the Southern Africa’s most diversified and fast-growing conglomerates. With tentacles in over 8 sectors, the group was shaped from a modest agribusiness company-involved in agriculture at the far-end of rural Malawi, Mzuzu. As they say, there are no accidental paths to success; the company’s fast-paced growth can be largely attributed to the founder and CEO Prophet Sheppard Bushiri. Fondly known as Major 1, the resilient entrepreneur surely had his success long foretold. At the age of 13, Young Bushiri had resolved not to play at the fringes, but to work hard and put his name on the global map – this is exactly what he is doing with his various businesses.

Do You Want to Solve and Gain Quick Attention to Environmental Problems and Services?

No matter if you believe in climate change or not, there is something you can do to protect the environment and make planet earth a better place to live. We can help.

Helping Individuals, Organizations, and Nations to Satisfy their Engineering Needs

DiasporaEngager is a platform for Engineers and Engineering Solutions.

All of Africa is now competing for Chinese money. Except for one country.

King Mswati III, center, arrives Sunday at the annual “Umhlanga,” or Reed Dance ceremony, at the Swazi Royal Residence, in Mbabane, Swaziland, or eSwatini. (Yeshiel Panchia/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock) (YESHIEL PANCHIA/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock/Yeshiel Panchia/Epa-Efe/Rex/Shutterstock) By Rick Noack As more than 40 African heads of state arrived at the China-Africa Cooperation summit Monday, one figure stood out: $60 billion. That’s how much […]